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Week in the Life of Carrie, volume six

Yeah, I'm not a rule follower. If you want to do this, see day one and do what I did.  :)

Blueberry muffins for breakfast!  No picture. You've all seen muffins.

Today we went to the Palo Duro Canyon.  We made a picnic lunch and spent most of the day out there.

If you know anything about me, you know that the outdoors is not really my bag.  I believe nature should be viewed through a window.  Nevertheless, here we go.

Nolan and my sweet nephew Joseph.

The group.

The spanish skirts

Brenna enjoying one of Aunt Carrie's chocolate chip cookies

Which fortified her enough to go for a hike

Joseph thought he should be able to climb the tree like Ethan

That's Nolan's shirt.  And A freaking DEER.  It was CLOSE.

Katie Bell, the hiking dog

We hiked to a CAVE.

We did a little spelunking.  Well, they did.  Joseph and I stayed in the mouth of the cave

Blue sky and wide open spaces!

Then I came home and we made pork tenderloin, greenbean bundles, sauteed mushrooms, spicy strawberry salad, and homemade ice cream.

And then, my sister and I went and had coffee with one of her friends that just moved here.

Wow.  I'm tired.
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