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Week in the Life of Carrie, day five

 Not doing the rules or the other days.  Still love you all, though.

My day started at 7:15.  Not 7:15, sit around and have a cup of coffee, but 7:15, lets start feeding folks.

Then I decided in leiu of going to Pal Duro Canyon in the rain, that we would go to the discovery center.  It's kind of like a kids science center.

Brenna, Ethan Joseph

Brenna and BIL

We had lunch at Tacos Garcia (YUM!) but my camera's batteries were kaput at that point.

My sister and I went to get pedicures, and I ran into my frind Janne and her daughter, Emily.  Janne is from Canada, and just became an American citizen at the end of May.

My Emily getting a pedi.

Woo.  Not a flattering angle for my pedicurist, or me. ;)

I then went home and cooked for 20 grown men.  I'm not kidding.  Nolan had arranged a poker game since my dad and BIL would be here. I'm not blogging about it, either, because it just wouldn't make anyone happy.

Freshly bathed kids, watching Scooby Doo.

I bought books.  Sharlene sent me the first two online,  and I read the first one, but I really like pages.

Nicole sent capes for my kiddos!  I think AJ's going to sleep in his.  She also sent me a beautiful handkercheif and shells from Pender Island.  Thanks, Nicole!

*Is ded*
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