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Week in the Life of Carrie, volume four

If you really want the rules and the first three posts, you can click my username and get them that way.  :)

Love you all!

AJ and his bed head.  8:45 a.m.

I talked on the phone with Celeste, had a Photographer from the globe news see me in my nightie, and baked.  Baked Baked Baked.  Pound Cake, Chocolate chip cookies....

The pound cake has a layer of chocolate in the middle.  Oh, yummy!

The boys picked me sunflowers from the field across the street.

An unbaked pie.  There is none of this left.  :)

My nephew, Joseph, with his very first cup of kool-aid.  I love being Aunt Carrie!

Dinnertime!  Dad, BIL, Joseph, Brenna, AJ, Em, Ethan

Brenna and AJ watching a movie.  Ethan and Em in the background.

 Woohoo!  It just gets more exciting, doesn't it?
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