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Week in the Life of Carrie, volume 2

 The rules and day one....

My day started alright.  I wrote a little bit.  Did my FICL duties.  Read some of the pp/hpficexchange stuff.

I stepped outside to see how warm it was, and this little fella scared me to death.

I did the dishes that had piled up for two days.  22 plates.  Seriously.  I was ill for ONE day.  Look what happens.

Made the boys a snack.  Have you tried Honey Butter RITZ?  They're pretty stinking good.

Transplanted some irises from my MIL's yard.  They're rust colored.  Really, really pretty.

Did Laundry.  Ick.  Just two loads.

Took the kids to the pool.  This is Ethan going off the diving board.

Not the most flattering picture of me, but OH, well.  What can you do?
While at the pool, my cell phone fell into Aaron's cup of Power Ade.  I was less than pleased.

Because I had no way to call anyone when I got a FLAT TIRE and had to walk the two miles to the house, through fire ant infested country, getting a sunburn and  blisters on my feet because I was wearing PLASTIC FLIP FLOPS, not hiking boots.

THEN, I had to listen to Nolan ask me HOW the cell phone got in the power ade and "I don't know" didn't satisfy him.

THEN I had to go see him lose a softball game.

THEN, we took a check over to the landscape contractor's house, and he and his wife invited us to stay for dinner.  WHERE THEY SERVED STEAK AND SQUASH.  Okay, Why am I being punished?

It could have been a worse day.  (Except for the phone and the ant bites and the blisters and the flat tire and the squash.)

Tags: i'm an idiot, meme, picture

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