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A thank you & a story...

(So Nolan and Carrie are in the kitchen last night making dinner and listening to the very cool CD's maureen sent.  Nolan and Carrie have a running joke that he doesn't have any feelings to speak of.  His alien leaders didn't provide him a heart when they dropped him off on this planet.)

Carrie.  (listening to the music) Do you like this?

Nolan.  Who doesn't like the blues?

Carrie. (nods) True story.

Nolan.  It's good.  (dances a little - This dance defies description, really)

Carrie.  (to her handsome husband) You are such a dork.

Nolan.  Careful.  You'll hurt my feeling.

Carrie.  Yes.  The one feeling you have?  Which one?  Anger?

Nolan.  Yeah, you'll hurt my anger.


Anyway, thanks, maureen, for the awesome music.  You rock out loud!
Tags: cute husband story, drama, nolan

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