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All my beautiful wickedness is ruined!


My older son, Ethan, has apparently decided that he doesn't want to go to theatre camp this week.  He's chosen instead to go to our cabin with his grandparents, later in the week.  I think it's a complete waste of his talent, but he seems to think sports and other things are more important.  His hero is 'Tom Brady.'

Nolan and I both had the same reaction.

"Who the hell is Tom Brady?"

Anyway, Aaron still wanted to go, which is good.  It's just that they're so close in age that they've always done things together.  I suppose that I'm going to have to get used to the fact that they're little individuals.  But what I'm crankiest about?  I was going to have 9am-2pm all week to myself.  And now I have an eight year-old tagging along with me.  And if you think he's NOT going to the mall and the nail salon, you'd be wrong.  He can suck it up.

It'll be fine.  I actually like Ethan; (not that I don't like Aaron.  I like them both, I was just saying) he's a cool kid.  And it's a completely different dynamic when there's just one of them.

*sigh*  So I'm off, trying not to be selfish.  :)  Wish me luck.
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