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Somewhat embarrassing meme stolen from humbuggirland seegrim.

1. Take a picture of your bag
2. Now dump everything out and neatly adjust them, and take a picture (no matter how embarrassing)
3. Talk about the items inside. Detail

  • 4 pens
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 benadryl tablet  - for Ethan
  • pile of coin  - not in changepurse.  go figure
  • 5 tubes of lipstick/gloss - Wow.  I'm set in a chapped lip emergency
  • 1 handkercheif - cause that's who I am.
  • 5 hair bands  - because I need that many?
  • 2 gift cards
  • tweezers? What the hell?
  • keys
  • 2 granola bars that have seen better days
  • sunglasses
  • dental floss  - shut up.  I'm my mother.
  • cell phone
  • business card holder
  • change purse
  • credit card holder
  • assorted receipts:  gas, walmart, and an old grocery list
  • cash
  • paper clip
  • gum
  • trash (not pictured.:)
  • camera (not pictured, 'cause...duh.)



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