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Post Mortem - Steel Magnolias

If you've ever done live theatre, you know what I'm feeling right now.  The "morning after" the final show...  I'm in mourning.  It's sad, because I know I've lost something that I know I'll never get back. 
Being in this play with this particular group of women was, indeed, a privilege and an honor.  The sheer amount of experience and talent that I got to share a stage with each night was overwhelming.  I feel blessed to have been a part of it all.  
Strike is always the WORST.  (Strike is taking apart the set and putting everything away)  It's hard, it's manual labor, and you absolutely have to do it (if you ever want a job at that theatre again).  In a way, it's cathartic, you get to deconstruct a part of your life yourself, and in another way it's like ripping off an arm..  Some of the ladies were crying while it was happening...  I was just too tired to cry.  But this morning I know that I'll miss them all.  The education I received in the dressing room alone...  whew.  I'm 33.  I THOUGHT I knew a lot.  I was the youngest in the cast...  and it was obvious that I've led an extremely sheltered life. I laughed harder in that dressing room than I have in months.  Probably since I read the series by  rainpuddle , "And Baby Makes Three" ...  laughed til I cried then, too.  Maybe I'll re-read that to cheer me up.

On the up side, I teach my class tonight!  (Love those kids, I do) And got to have a glass of wine with dinner lat night (thanks to Mom for leaving the bottle) because I wasn't worried about going to rehearsal or performing under the influence, and I am secure in the knowledge that in the theatre's almost 30 year history, the play that I was in broke all box office records.  Made the theatre, and I quote here, "an assload of money."  And I made a fabulous dish for dinner the other night.  The recipe is below.

Here's the Cajun Cream Sauce Recipe:


1.5 TBS Paul Prudhommes salt free spice)
.5 TBSP cajun seasoning

2TBS olive oil

1quart heavy whipping cream (you can use half milk if your butt is as big as mine)

4-6 TBS butter (your call!)

1/2 cup parmesan cheese


heat olive oil in large skillet

add cajun spice and saute in oil for about 2 minutes to open up flavor

add cream

heat on med heat until cream reduces to about half... careful not to scald it  (10 min?)

add butter and blend in

add parmesan and stir in until incorporated.

You can serve this over any pasta, with chicken, or it's especially  fantastic with a filet of blackened salmon.  I use tri-colored cheese tortellini, from the frozen foods section.  (I'm not Martha bloody Stewart)
Even without meat, with bread and a salad, it's an impressive meal.



An 2001 Echelon Merlot MIGHT be my new favorite wine.  It was soooo good.

Have a great week, everyone!

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