Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Anniversary and Vacation

So far so good.

We’ve had a fantastic time so far. Nolan flew home yesterday so he could go back to work, but we jam-packed a lot of the time we had while he was here.

Thursday he took the boys about and around Arlington, and showed them where we went to school, where we lived while we were in college. (I’m sure it was riveting for them.) Mom and I went shopping in Southlake and spent a lot of time in Williams Sonoma. I spent more money than I should have, and I’m probably going back to get a new Calphalon skillet and another dress from Ann Taylor Loft. *shrugs* You can’t take it with you, right?

Thursday evening we went to a reading of the works of Truman Capote at UTA, and it was very interesting; my favorite professors were there and of course their wives, who are now staff members as well. I was in shows with them and very close to them for a while. Theatre is like a huge family. You’re so close when you’re in the middle of it, and you can go away for a while, but the minute you come back they accept you with open arms. It was good to see all of them. Makes me wish I still lived in DFW, just so I could play with them more often. But ick, the heat and the traffic? No, thank you.

Nolan took the boys to Hurricane Harbor on Friday while Mom and I went shopping (again) And when they got back, he whisked me away to Uptown Dallas, where he’d reserved a room at the Stoneleigh hotel for us. Very nice, art deco, newly restored. We had dinner at LOLA (had a very special bottle of wine – don’t think I’d ever dropped that much $ on 4 glasses of wine before) and we’ll definitely go back. It’s one of those restaurants in a renovated house uptown, swanky, four courses. I was definitely impressed all the way around.

After dinner, we went to Theatre Three and saw one of our friends from college in A Dog’s Life. It was a fantastic show, especially if you’re a dog person. The friend, Gregory, directed the first play I ever wrote and was brilliant about it, I remember he found a whole lot more depth in the script than I had intended. Anyway, I laughed and I cried during the play, and that’s really all that you can ask for in a trip to the theatre.

After the play we went and met a group of friends for drinks, my two sweet friends that I posted about here and here, the director of the academy that I work for that just happened to be in town, and the old Technical Director of ALT, David and sat and drank and talked and laughed and generally had a great time. We spent the night at the hotel and then got up and had lunch with Nolan’s best friend from college, and drove back to Arlington, where we collected everyone and went to a Ranger game. They lost. You can’t have everything. I may have the teeniest crush on Michael Young, though. WHAT a cutie.

Yesterday we had brunch at Mom & Tom’s club (Fantastic, I tell you. When I die I’d like to be buried in a pile of the cheese blintzes and strawberry glaze so I can eat my way to heaven) and dropped Nolan off at the airport. Then had a lazy Sunday afternoon. Good times.

I now need to detox. Have had more food and alcohol in the last four days than the last month combined, probably. Was supposed to have lunch with one of my professors today, but I lost my babysitter! How dare my mother have a life! Perhaps tomorrow. I don’t think I could eat anything, anyway.

The boys have golf lessons tomorrow and Wednesday, and then we go home Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. Actually, I’m in no rush. Having a lovely time, thank you. Like now, for instance, I’m downloading a gluttonous stack of Tom’s CD’s onto Aidan (including every album the Beatles have ever made) and feeling pretty good about it. :D

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