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Lovely Thursday Audiences

Love them!  GREAT show last night!  Thursday is "two for one night" at the theatre...  I guess that puts people in a very good mood.  Laughed at every "sure thing" joke and some that weren't.  I think they'd have laughed more if the actors hadn't wanted to hurry up and end the show. (and go home and go to sleep!)  I had a party of about 20 of my friends from church that came.  They brought me beautiful flowers.  *has warm ,fuzzy feelings*  and about a dozen of then actually stayed after and went through the receiving line.  Now that's friendship.  

Now I have to rant...  you can skip that, if you wish.
So I have to roll up my own hair every night for the play.  For my hair to have ANY curl at all, It has to be freshly washed, gelled, volumized, blown dry, and put in HOT ROLLERS.  It's driving me CRAZY!  My hair, which is easily my best asset, is getting damaged, and broken off, and TIRED because of this regime I'm putting it through every night.  Hell, I haven't used hot rollers since the eighties!  (and possibly a very small portion of the nineties)  My nose may be too big, my eyes may not be dramatic enough of a color, I may have a fat ass...  but I've always had good hair and Steel Magnolias is KILLING it!.  Not just that, but I have to shove it all up under a very short wig (UNATTRACTIVE, I should NEVER have short hair) and then takethe wig off and fix my own hair for the curtain call.  I use a curling iron to help get the kinks out after being under the wig.  So hot rollers, curling iron, blow dryer....  AAAAH!  I need a hair masque!  Or a hot oil treatment...  something!
::deep breath::
I'm such a brat.  I'm done.  Feel better, though.

Mom is coming for the weekend, so I'll spend the rest of the day preparing for her arrival, as well as for the babysitter this evening.  *smiles*  Nolan is taking Ethan (6) to see the show tonight.  I hope he does well.  May have to explain to him that I don't actually die.  He had a hard time with Jesus Christ Superstar, when I was in that.  It's one thing to hear that "Jesus died on a cross"  it's quite another to see it.  He was very upset.  I probably dropped the ball on that one, as a parent.

Everyone have a lovely weekend!

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