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I love this icon. I miss Supernatural. I wish we had cable.

Okay.  Just a little whining.

*I missed Aaron's awards assembly.  I missed him going across the stage by like FOUR kids.  Am a bad Mommy.  Am sure he'd spend years and thousands of dollars in therapy if I were to actually tell him. 

*Have horrific pain.  Will not go into it.  Is bad enough that I've hopped myself up on Advil.

Done whining.  On to other things.

*Did see Ethan's assembly.  He had like a billion AR points.  I guess FORCING him to read every day after school for 30 minutes paid off.  Hurrah.

*Archived a million (I'm all about hyperbole today) Cormac/Pansy scenes in magical_whimsy.  Celeste and I decided that we needed a place for all of the C/P goodness.  And the stuff that will continue!  So yay for that.  I'm still archiving, so if you friend us, beware that your f-list will be spammed.  I haven't even got to the Michael/Padma yet.  And I believe that I credited everyone properly.  If I haven't, I will.  Give me time.  :)

Other other things...

I cannot please even half the people half the time.  Point in fact.  I am but one little woman, and I can't do it.  All the people will never be happy.  It's in my nature to make people happy, honestly.  I really LIKE making people happy.  I do.  (Some people more than others, frankly.) But sometimes, it's not in the cards, you know? There are days when life sucks, and there are days when it doesn't, and you cowboy the heck up and roll with the punches.  If you don't like what I'm doing, say something.  I might do something about it. 

But then again, in the immortal words of The Rolling Stones, "You can't always get what you want." 

Mick Jagger.  What a poet.
Tags: aaron, big ugly rant, bitchiness, ethan, free advice, magical whimsy

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