Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

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Apologies all around

I re-read yesterday's entry and was so wrapped up in my own pity party that I neglected the sweet girls that proofread said fic.  Miran & daisymama gave me fantastic advice and lots of great ideas... and they made me laugh, too.  Hard, belly laughs.   I owe them so much, more, I'm sure, than I can ever repay.  Thanks also to  peki , who read my fic out of the goodness of her heart and gave me MORE food for thought.  I really & truly appreciate you all.

And I'm done with the pity party.  "Whiners leave,"  my sainted Mother always said...  okay, she's not a saint yet, we're still waiting on the miracles, and she's not dead,  but still.


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