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If you see my mind, would you shoo it back over here? Thanks.

This is the beepingest house I've ever been in.  Everything beeps.  EVERYTHING!

For the first couple of weeks, it really unnerved me, and I would go from room to room, checking things out.  For example.  There's an alarm on the refrigerator, that beeps when someone doesn't close the door.  Both the washer and dryer beep when there's a problem or they've finished their cycle.  The oven timer chimes, and continues to chime once a minute until you turn it off.  The microwave beeps until you press cancel.  The fire alarms are OH MY GOODNESS loud, and the coffeemaker beeps when it finishes brewing its carafe and when the burner goes off.  I'm not even counting all of the boy's toys that make some sort of goshawful noise.  Plus the noise of phones and missed calls on my cell phone and trillian and google chat on a daily basis...

But something is beeping this morning, and I can't figure out where it's coming from.  I don't recognize the beep, and I can't distinguish where it's source is exactly.  It goes off about once an hour;  I feel like I'm going out of my ever-loving mind.  It's as if someone is watching me, nudging their friend going, "Watch this, man.  Watch what she does when I push this button."

*shakes fist at imaginary, invisible men*  I don't think it's funny!


And Aaron was waiting for his toast to pop up, and made an observation.

Aaron.  There's dust on this picture.

Ethan. (Scoffs) Where isn't there dust?

Guess who gave the little darlings dustcloths and told them to remedy the situation?  That's right.  Me.  Mumzilla.  In my defense, this is the Texas panhandle.  I could dust one day and it would look like I hadn't done a thing three days later.  However, that is what you get when you criticize my cleaning prowess.  :D

And if you are making it beep in my house, stop please.  The voices in my head simply can't take it.  ;)
Tags: cute kid story, house, i might be crazy

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