Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

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If I get a papercut, can I stop?

Save me.

I'm finally wading through all the bill paying, correspondence and paperwork minutia that's been building up for three weeks.

And balancing the checkbook.

Which seems to be freaking impossible.  Math + Carrie = Artichokes. 

I'm sorry, did that not make sense?  Yeah, now you see why balancing the checkbook is a nightmare for me.  

'It's just addition and subtraction," you say.  "HA!" I say.  I take the phrase 'liberal arts major" to a whole new level.

Nolan's taken the boys to do something or other.  I should probably finish this before they get back.


Edit:  Difference of $0.40 between the bank statement and the checkbook. I call that a WIN.

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