Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

So Much Drama

I opened the sour cream package (was having homemade nachos - YUM) and this was on the foil part under the plastic lid.

"Kindness is the bridge to life's opportunities."


I think that is a total load of crap, and let me tell you why.  Just being nice won't get you opportunities.  You have to be smart, and gutsy, take chances, and sometimes you have to be the squeaky wheel.  GAH.  I think the Daisy Sour Cream Company should not put pithy little sayings on their product.  
It put me off my lunch.  

A little.  

Well, no, I ate it anyway, but still.

And, *sigh* I've written for years.  Sometimes professionally.  3 different plays.  Several articles for the hometown paper.  And yet, a short story that I submitted to the Fire and Ice Archive got REJECTED.  The first draft of the first third of my NOVEL didn't have that many things wrong with it when I got it back from the proofreader.  That said, should be very proud of their standards.  They are evidently higher than the people I used to work for.

So...  I'm going to re-edit.  Possibly get a new beta.  Stop strongly disliking the Cabal member who critiqued me.  Gain some humility and give it another go.  I've spent far too much time on the bloody thing to let it go NOW.

I have a Line-thru tonight. (That's just vomiting out the lines as fast as you can without doing the blocking.)  Second weekend  of the show begins tomorrow and I have two different groups of twenty-ish coming to see my performance.  So no pressure, right?  No....  I'm sure it'll be fine...

Life is fabulous.  It is.  Could be MORE fabulous, but still pretty good overall.
Inexplicably, this picture makes me feel better.  


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