Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

I'm so proud!


So the above is a picture of Me, Patrick (who is in Chicago - I posted about a month ago), Terry, who is acting in Dallas, and Jo in The Fantasticks.  This is at the end of Act I...  Look who isn't singing.  Hrm.  Anyway, I played Terry (the girl)'s mother (Bell).  2005, I think.  I also played her mother in Brighton Beach Memoirs.  And something else, probably, too. Not that I'm actually old enough to be her mother...  I think I'm 14 years older than she is.  Anyhow.  I digress.

Terry did her first film!  You can watch the trailer here.  It looks really funny, I think. 

She's like one of my own children.  I'm SO proud.  She'll be listed in IMDB!  AHHH!

Also.  New Layout.  What do we think?
Tags: movie, picture, terry, theatre

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