Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

A bust.


Half the class showed.

photochickie101 (Amber) and I watched the Twilight Preview TWICE, read the f-list and giggled over jandjsalmon's uniformed mountie husband.  :D  Gotta love that red serge.


Amber.  A mountie?

Carrie.  Yeah.

Amber.  Where is she from?

Carrie.  Canada.

Amber.  Yeah, I didn't think there were any Mounties around here.

Carrie.  That's what's wrong with Amarillo.  We have a severe shortage of MOUNTIES.


Am I upset that over half the class didn't show?  A little.  Do I feel compelled to produce this show without a cast?  Absolutely freaking not.

Off to watch the Twilight trailer again.

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