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So my children are great dancers. So what?

So a very sweet girl sent me a DVD of Hairspray this past week. I've been watching it on a kind of non-stop loop since then.

Nolan isn't a fan.

Don't get me wrong. He loves theatre; we have the same degree. He was Master Carpenter for the Dallas Shakespeare Festival for a few years, and we were in some shows together in college, but that type of musical isn't his thing.

I'm okay with it. Doesn't keep ME from watching it.

Earlier this morning the boys and I were watching it, and they were doing a stirring rendition of "Good Morning Baltimore," when he got up. He glared at me and sent the boys outside with a football to play. I just giggled. He growled about keeping the boys away from musical theatre, and mumbled that they should play outside more. I rolled my eyes.

Later, we were laying on the couch watching one of the last numbers, the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant part, and my sweet husband, who has no idea the extent of my James Marsden obsession, turns to me and says, "I need a jacket like his."

Me. (innocently) Who?

Nolan. Cyclops, there.

Me. (giggles hysterically inside)Ah. Yes. You could totally pull that off, babe.


And it's MY fault that the boys like musicals? *coughs* My husband(who is definitely straight)'s shoe collection and taste in clothes indicates otherwise.
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