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*Holds Sign*


So I was so embroiled in my own self-pity party yesterday evening that I completely forgot that the tooth fairy was supposed to come last night. Ethan lost ANOTHER tooth. It's a wonder the kid has any left at all. Anyhow, the drama was high at our house this morning.


Ethan. (wails) The tooth fairy didn't come!

Me. (thinks big ugly swear words) Oh, no.

Ethan. (Borderline hysterical) And the tooth is gone!

Me. We'll write a letter and explain. It'll be alright. We'll take care of it.

(Hysterics ease and we go downstairs where the boys are eating their Malt-o-Meal (I know, gag. They like it.) And Ethan sees a dollar bill on the kitchen counter. It came out of yesterday's laundry. It is crumpled and mangled beyond belief.)

Ethan. Here it is! I wonder why she left it down here? Why didn't she leave it under my pillow?

Me. (Thinks, 'Cause she found it in the dryer) Um....

Aaron. (Gestures toward the staircase) That is a lot of stairs.

Ethan. (looks at his brother like he's an idiot) She's a FAIRY.


Anyhow, crisis averted. And he was appeased by the dollar. Quite frankly, I'm shocked that an eight year-old still believes in the things he does.

And EW. Now I have to go find the rogue tooth up there. Oh, my life is SO glamorous.
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