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A Cute Kid Story

This one's for 60sfreak and rainpuddle13.

So I watched Across the Universe last weekend, and I liked it.  I LOVED the music, and one of my very sweet friends burned a few songs for me.  (Should anyone want to burn the whole thing, I would accept it HAPPILY!)  So while I was cooking this afternoon, I was listening to the music.  The boys were wandering in and out, pilfering stuff from the pantry and doing homework, playing, stuff like that.

So right before the guests arrive, I'm going through the house picking up, and realize I hadn't been upstairs all day.  So I go up there and call the boys to come with me, and they helped make up the bed and pick up their toys.


Ethan.  (looks at me thoughtfully)  Love is not all you need.

Me.  Do what, now?

Ethan.  Love is not all you need.  (sings) "All you need is love"?  (speaks)  Love isn't ALL you need.

Me.  Oh, yeah?  What else do you need?

Ethan.  (Begins indignantly ticking things off on his fingers a la his FATHER)  You need shelter.  You need food.  You need clothes.  You need water.  You need -

Aaron.  (interrupts)  Batman.

Ethan.  (looks at him, considers for a moment)  Some people do, yeah.


Indeed.  Some people DO need Batman.  Everyone in Gotham City, I expect.  :)
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