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All Worn Out

The Sunday matinee was FANTASTIC...  I don't care that the average age of the patrons was 70...  they were a great audience.  It's somewhat bizarre to have them come through the receiving line still crying, and then hug me (really hard--ooof) because I'm NOT dead.  Honestly, I think some of them were relieved.  It could be the dementia, or alzheimers, or the fact that they got soooo wrapped up in the story, but I'm thinking possibly a combination of 1 & 3.  At any rate...  very gratifying, very gratifying...

I was better on stage yesterday.  More relaxed.  There's something about a performance in the middle of a day that is just surreal.  The sunlight pouring throught the dressing room windows is strange, but somehow calming...  and I got my little pot of nail polish remover back (Gah, I'm a brat) so everything was truly smooth.

Last night we had hubby's birthday dinner with the in-laws (my MIL is the best, Nolan wanted hamburgers, and I don't eat bread, meat, or sugar, so she fixed me a special salad, sugar-free baked beans, and steamed veggies...  I don't deserve her--) and I hit a brick wall around 7:30.  Could NOT keep my eyes open.  I guess this week caught up with me in a hurry.  Tech week + opening weekend will do that, I suppose.  I slept very well.  Feel rested, but still haven't made it out of the pyjamas today.  Playwrighting class tonight!  YAY!


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