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"No, don't give it a shot. Don't shoot anything."

Still do not have phone number.  Old provider being punk.

Still do not have mailbox.  The U.S. Postal service only uses the"Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor gloom of night" crap when it doesn't involve getting a new box.  WE HAVE NEIGHBORS ON EITHER SIDE OF US.  How is it that we don't have a box?  No one seems to have an answer.  May go postal.  *hysterical giggle*

Nolan says he needs my cell phone (it's a company phone) to give to one of the employees.  Not fussed about getting me a new one.

So to recap...  No mail, no cell, no phone service.   Were it not for the internet, I would be an island.

But no man is an island.

I'm a woman, though.

See?  The isolation is getting to me already.

ETA:  Sicked Nolan on Postal Jerks.  Have key.  Hurrah.
Tags: bitchiness, rant

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