Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Remember the posessed piano?

We found some people to take it!  The people that bought are house are going to give it to their SIL. Not only do we not have to move the demonic thing, (it weighs a ton, honestly) but I never have to look at it again.  They have to do it all!  MUahaha!


I do have a large piece of furniture that's weirding me out a little to take its place.  Nolan bought me a china hutch at an antique store 2 years ago for Christmas, and we didn't have anywhere to put it, (it's a monster) so it's lived in the garage since.  When cleaning it out today and unpacking the china cabinet dishes and so forth, I found a receipt from what I'm assuming is England.  The amounts are in pounds, and the address (I guess) is Chestnut, Herts.    Just strange that a piece of furniture from Hertfordshire could have found its way to my dining room in Texas.
Tags: silliness

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