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It doesn't feel like home, yet.

 It feels like we're staying in someone's vaction house, or a hotel.

A really nice hotel, though.  That has all of our stuff in it.  *shrugs*

So, I've done 95% of the downstairs, and today I tackle the boys' rooms. 

*lays down to die*  

Ironically, I need to clean house (sweep, mop, bathrooms, etc), but I can't concentrate long enough from unpacking the house to clean it.  It's bizarre.  The house should have the decency to stay clean til I get all the boxes out, right?

Aaron and Ethan don't think it feels like home either.  Every day when I pick them up from school, their question is:  "Are we going to the new house?"

Well, as someone else already lives in our old house, uh, yeah.


Sunday morning, Aaron was rooting round in the pantry (as he is want to do) and he asked the question:

Aaron.  Hey, Mom, do these people have donuts?

Me.  These people?  We are 'these people,' A.J.  We live here, now.

Aaron.  Oh, right, I know.  But do they have donuts?

Me.  No, they don't have donuts.


I took the child to The Donut Stop.  Sometimes it's easier not to argue.
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