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Surely, this is it.

About two hours ago, as I was coming back from the United States Post Office to get a key for our new mailbox (Which they don't have.  Rant for another day.) I was in ANOTHER car accident.

This time I was rear-ended by a man with no insurance.  And no front teeth, either, ironically enough.

He actually did have insurance.  But it expired 3/28/08.  I almost swore - the big guns- right there in front of the boys and everything.

Currently, I am sitting in bed with a heating pad on my neck, which stinking hurts, and a cut on my lip, where I hit the steering wheel.  The boys have small bumps on the backs of their heads, too.  Evidently a late 70's model Chevy van is built hell for stout, and is really no match for a 2007 Toyota Sequoia.  Poor Colin.  He's not talking to me right now.  Frankly, I'd be pissed, too.

I'm also declaring myself absolved from any more packing this evening.  If Nolan wants to take all that crap in the garage, he can pack it himself.

So listen, I'm all full up for bad things happening, you know?  ALL DONE.  No more.  Murphy?  Go bother someone else.  Thanks.
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