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Opening and Saturday...

Opening night was fabulous.  Beyond fabulous.  The play was longer simply because we had to wait for the audience to quit laughing so that we could carry on with the lines.  Everything flowed, for the most part, one or two flubs that no one in the audience caught, and the energy was phenomenal.  YAY for Friday.  

Saturday, though.  Gah.  I just got home...  and all I can say is ...Gah.  It wasn't the worst thing ever, but it was kind of like the first day with the new lips.  At one point I sounded like Porky Pig....Bthbthbthbtn...  That's all folks!  Crap.  What're ya gonna do.  After the show was over, I saw that SEVERAL of my former (as well as current) students were in the audience.  What a night for them to see.  Crap.  They were sweet, all very complimentary...  (although I really cannot read one of them...  never sure if it's sincerity or facetiousness)  and said they enjoyed it and I did a good job.  (For a stuttering cartoon character...)  I am my own worst critic.  I'm mostly glad that it was NOT the last show.  I've still got several more performances...  to get it freaking perfect.  The thing that set it all off...  and I have been in over 40 plays...  I should be able to handle things like this... is that I ask for nail polish remover when I come on stage.  Almost the first thing I do.  The other actress gives me on of those little pots that you stick your finger into.  But tonight, no little pot.  She gives me some cotton balls and a bottle of acetone.  I'm sure I looked at her like, "WTC?"  And then I had to start  thinking, instead of doing things on autopilot...  it's not a very good excuse, but it's all I've got.  Anyhow...  tomorrow will be better.  Or maybe not.  Sunday Matinee.  The pink tints and blue rinse crowd, I like to say.  Lots of little old ladies.  At least they'll enjoy the show.  It's their kind of humor.  Oooh.  Except for the Jesus/Christian jokes.  There is cricket silence for those.  I'm a Christian.  I think those jokes are hysterical.  People take themselves way too seriously.  I'm sure God (and Jesus for that matter) has a sense of humor.  Take the aardvark, for example.  Too funny.  It's as if God had a glass of wine, nudged Jesus, and said, "Hey.  Watch this."

Anyway...  Daddy's been in town this weekend.  & came to see the show.  He always says, "Ya done good, kid."  I think if I were to shave my head and tap dance naked with sparklers, he'd still say that.  He's sweet.  

::deep breath::

'K.  I'm over it.  Enough ranting.  Life is still fabulous.  Really.  I'm working at a great theatre, with the most talented cast of women ever, and super director, and dedicated crew.  I have NOTHING to complain about.  Yet I still spent the last 10 minutes typing this.  Well, I'm certainly not gonna erase it NOW.

Enough!  I love my life!

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