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I reign triumphant in all things.

Most things.  Okay, some.  Fine, ONE.

Aidan (the sexy laptop) is here.  HAH!  Nolan and BIL went for a beer, and everyone else is asleep.  Have been able to play!  Hooray!

I did read half of The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray on the trip up, as well as work on a new chapter for Marrying Pansy Parkinson.  I even looked at Strength, Chance or Fate.  I would love to have those wrapped up.  Love.

I'm sitting in my sister's enormous historical FOUR FLOOR, six bedroom house with the most charming details, like the wavy window panes and original pine floors, exposed staircase complete with skylight at the top, fireplaces in nearly every room, and crown moulding to die for.   I love this house.  To bad she's moving soon.  
My sister and I have had so much fun.  We're five years apart, and were never truly close until she had children.  But we enjoy cooking together, which we did a little of.  And a lot of giggling.  And discussing matters great and small.  She also introduced me to Pandora radio.  (AM IN LOVE.  Love it more than queso, than The Rangers, than Cormac McLaggen...  Well maybe not Cormac.  You get the picture, though.)

I, in turn, introduced her to Queen.

I know, I know, you ask me, "Where were you in her formative years, when she should have been exposed to awesome music?"

I answer, "See Persephone's Dating History."  :P

Anyhow, I have a cute sister story.  


Emily.  (rubs her eyes because she's sleepy)  Oh, I just got mascara all over my face, didn't I?"

Me.   Yes, Alice, you did.

Emily (looks at me quizzically)

Me.  Nolan calls me Alice Cooper when I do that.

Emily.  I don't know who she is.

Me. (giggles hysterically and google him for her to see)

Emily.  Give me a break!  I just learned about Queen this afternoon!  Baby steps, sis.  Baby  steps.


I do so love my sister.

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