Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Preview Night

...Was great.  Thanks to all of the people who called and wished me good thoughts and broken legs.  Thank you, thank you.  I appreciate it.

It turns out that Steel Magnolias is a comedy.  Somehow in the last week, the cast had lost sight of that.  That happens when you rehearse.  You say the same lines over and over, and they become terribly un-funny.  The audience last night LOVED it.  They laughed their butts off.  And the crew was disgusted with how many use tissues were on the floor after the house emptied.  Evidently they were crying a little, too.  Very gratifying.  YAY for audiences.

My meeting with Ethan's teacher was fabulous as well.  Apparently, he's some sort of math genius for a six year old.  It's fairly obvious that I wouldn't have caught this, being that I am woefully inept at ANYTHING to do with numbers.  (BFA in Theatre Arts Performance, hello!)
I'm going to have him balance the checkbook and actually start paying the bills, once he learns cursive writing.  Just kidding, Mom.  His reading level is above average, as well, and he's very well behaved at school, too.  I  wish he'd bring some of that home.  I guess he saves whiny, disobedient Ethan for me.  Kidding again.  He's a good kid.  Both of the boys are.   They're a mess, but good.

The book is going well and I'm even working on a little fan fiction for fun.  Even got myself a beta yesterday.  Very excited.  ::waves to daisymama & Miran::  Thanks, girls!

Hello to peki, as well.  So pleased you added me as a friend.  Love your story.  Get all happy when it comes up on my friends page. =D

Here's to opening night and sold out houses.  Everyone have a fantastic weekend!

Love, love, love!



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