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Today's post is brought to you by the letter J.

I'm meant to be cleaning and writing.  So of course I'll do something else.

1.  James Freaking Marsden - Oh, my.  This is my first celebrity crush.  He's adorable.  SO adorable.

2.  Jim - My daddy.  Love him.

3.  Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Bad reputation?  I Love Rock and Roll?  What's NOT to love?

4.  Jack Johnson - I love his music.  Very relaxing and sweet.

5.  jandjsalmon- Jessica.  Seriously.  Sweetest girl ever.  And a prayer buddy!  Canada and Texas UNITE!

6.  John Williams - Bow down to the Soundtrack Master.  I realized not to long ago that I listen to more of his music than I do anyone else's.

7.  Jason Issacs - Oh, my (again).  The Patriot?  Sweet November?(even gay, he's cute) Harry Potter?  LOVE!

8.  J.K. Rowling - for creating the world in which I love to lose myself.

9.  James and the Giant Peach - I must've read this book 300 times as a kid.  Was most disappointed in the movie.

10.  Jesus - Gosh.  I guess he should have been first, cause I love him most!  :D

BONUS!   The Janitor from Scrubs, John Cusak, Jon Bon Jovi, Jonn, Elton, Joel, Billy, Journey, Joss Whedon, Josie and the Pussycats, Joshua Radin, Jennifer my SIL, Jane Austin, Jane Eyre, jewelry, jukeboxes, the word 'juxtaposition', and being joyful.  There.  All done.

Tags: meme, silliness

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