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good auditions


The bithday party was at one of those places that has HUGE bouncers all over the place and basically is just a enormous breeding ground for germs and bacteria.  I took the first hour and a half and then my husban took the last 30 minutes.  (Is that fair?  NO.  Did  complain?  No, I did not) The kids had a fantastic time, and there were other parents to talk to, and I didn't actually have to PLAY on those foul things, so, all in all, not abhorrent in Every way, just  a little bit and some.

I went to the audition and got to read for Shelby three times and Anelle once.  I'm 33, don't know what the director could possible be thinking, as it is painfully obvious I'm no ingenue...  two kids, a few (highlighted and colored) grey hairs, laugh lines and stretch marks...  but I was flattered all the same.  Call backs are tonight, I hate that I'm this way, but I really DO hope I get a callback.


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