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 Hallo, all.  

Going to be scarce this weekend... lots to do.

Spent the afternoon at the new house, deciding where hardware should go.  Who knew you had to decide where toilet paper rolls are installed?

Keeping in mind that it's not done yet, we're still a few weeks out...

My huge bathtub, and the whole in the ceiling where the electrician fell through.  Who's the electical contactor on this job?  That's right!Hubby's company.  *sigh*  Couldn't have been the air conditioning people.

Good grief.

Standing in the breakfast nook, looking into the kitchen and dining room...

the laundry room.  Probably my favorite room...

The powder room.  This is where the wallpaper I had everyone vote on will go.  *laugh* It's on back order, of course.

Standing in the breakfast nook, looking at the living room.  And the guy measuring for blinds.  :)

Okay.  I MUST write for the ficexchange this weekend.  My recipient will be SO disappointed if I don't.  And we can't have her unhappy; no we can't.  :)
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