Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Seamstress for the band...

I fell AGAIN last night, while putting flyers in the for sale thing in front of the house.  It's idiotic, is what it is.  Once is a mistake, twice is a klutziness epidemic.  I hurt.  *pout*

Had what seemed like hudreds of people over to the house last night, and it seemed to go well.  I love entertaining.

Also, I was in the grocery store this morning, and I had a realization.  

Muzak makes me want to poke out both eyes simultaneously.  

Because you know you know the song, but you can't place it because they've sucked out whatever awesomeness it had, butchering it by making it SOOTHING.  Or worse, you find yourself SINGING ALONG.  Not cool.  So then you must turn up Quiet Riot when you get back in the car so you get some of your coolness back that has been so heinously sucked out by the Muzak.

And I didn't kill my husband when he asked me to make 3 pies for his luncheon today, then changed his mind after I did all the shopping and started them.  He's still alive and EVERYTHING.  How many points is that worth?  

Michael Corner is getting on my nerves.  Seriously.  What a BOY.  Conversely, I like Parvati very much.  Find writing her a DELIGHT .  And of course, Pansy.  I'm ever so glad we have a Hermione again.  Pansy NEEDS someone to be bitchy to.  :D

And if either of my girls had a death wish, I'd be all over Terrence.  Way to write, rockettea.  Wowza.

Off to work at the theatre this morning.  And this afternoon, as well.  WORK?  What the heck, right?  I don't WORK.
Tags: caliga, i'm an idiot, nolan, theatre

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