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Help. I'm crippled by the decision making process.

Okay. So the powder bath. (Stop snickering, Celeste.) In the new house. It's the half bath. That guests will use. And it's the only room that I requested to put wallpaper in.

Who knew that there were that many different kids of wallpaper?

I was woefully unaware.

I've narrowed it down, though. 

A. Yellow and Red

B. Yellow and black

C. Taupe and brow/black

D. And my favorite, the one I could find a flipping picture of,
Ochre & black and brown toile

Keeping in mind that the lavatory and cabinets are cream, the floor is cream hexagonal tiles and black diamonds in a flower pattern, and the trim is cream, which would YOU pick? 
Poll #1135884 Help Perse Choose

Which one would you choose?

A Yellow and Red
B Yellow and Black
C Taupe and brown
D Ochre and black/brown

P.S. If you think all my taste is in my ear, I could do without hearing that, just so's ya know. :)
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