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Conversation with a Kindergartener

I get home from picking Aaron home from school, and get him a snack, as per usual.  I set out a baggie of cut up fruit, and put a handful of goldfish crackers in front of him.)

Aaron.  (sighs heavily, picking up the baggie of fruit)  Needs before wants.

Me.  What?

Aaron.  You have to put your needs before your wants.  (Shakes baggie at me)  I need these.  (disdainfully) Goldfish are a want.

Me.  I see.


You know, there's nothing like a five year old for teaching you a major life lesson.  Of course, then he did this:

OCD?  Or just a little boy who likes to put his goldfish into 7 equal piles with exactly 11 goldfish apiece?  In a pattern pleasing to the eye?

I'm sure this is sins of the mother being revisited upon her son...  *headdesk*
Tags: aaron, cute kid story, drama, pictures

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