Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Cute Kid Story - Bible style

(Our story takes place as we were driving home from church last night.   Ethan, the seven year-old, was chattering non-stop, as he is want to do.  He's telling us about his bible story lesson.  One of Jesus' "pear bulls.")

Me.  Parable?

Ethan.  That's what I said.

Me.  Of course.  My mistake.

Ethan.   (Chatter chatter chatter)... and the taxpayer only prayed for himself.

Nolan.  Tax collector?

Ethan.  Yeah, maybe.

Nolan.  I think I'm right.

Ethan.  We'll google it when we get home.  (SO my child)

Nolan.  (sighs heavily, remains silent) And then what happened?

Ethan.  The pharmacist knew how to pray.  He was humiliated.

Me.  (through fits of laughter)  The Pharisee?  He was Humble?

Ethan.  Pharisee, pharmacist.  Is there a difference?

Nolan.  (looks at me)  A little bit.


At the end of it, I think we got him set straight, but I may have liked his version better.  :D
Tags: cute kid story

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