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Picture dump.

I promise these to be neither interesting, nor entertaining, but they prove just how big of a dork I can be.

The Texas State capitol building

This represents the six Flags which have flown over the state (It's also where the name for the amusement park comes in). Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas (yee-haw), The Confederacy of the United States, and the United States.  There are some who are of the opinion that Texas should secede from the union again.  I am not one of them, just so you know.

This is from a monument on the capitol grounds honoring the Alamo, where Santa Anna (Mexican General) and his 2000 troops kicked about 140 Texans' (and others') collective butts.  There were no survivors that were not women and children.  Again, this is kind of a Texan way of thought.  Bravado til the end, even if it's just plain STUPID.

This said something about Themopolis had 300 survivors, the Alamo didn't.  Line in the sand my ass.  I would've said, "Hm.  Let's say we go get help?  Who's with me?"

The inside dome of the capitol building

Looking straight up at the dome

Zoomed in on the very top.  We're not proud of our state, at all, are we?

From the second balcony, looking at the floor.  More of the flag stuff, but it's pretty marble inlay?  See?

OMGoodness.  These are the HINGES that are all over the building.  They weigh EIGHT POUNDS APIECE.  *tries not to think of how many starving children that could feed*

The door knobs are cool, too.  Note the lone star motif.  Tres Texan.

The view from the 26th floor.  My digital camera sucks.

And because I haven't in awhile, me & hubs.  In his James Marsden sweater.  heh.

And finally, this was my "birthday cake" cause I don't eat sweets.  Nolan got up and made breakfast that day.  :)

I told you.  Uninteresting.  :)

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