Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Look at the People.

 I find people watching fascinating.

Odd, because I don't like people, on the whole.

I've been sitting in the lobby of a large hotel in downtown Austin, TX, sucking the free wireless signal, drinking coffee and watching the comings and goings of the people in the place.  How different would they act, I wonder, if they knew someone was watching?

The concierge is charming and handsome, clever and helpful; he makes the women laugh and even charms some of the men (It's Austin) and consistenly rolls his eyes behind all of their backs.

There is a woman who waited for a man for about 45 minutes; when he finally came to meet her, he stayed for 2 minutes and left abruptly.  Her body language went from attentive and alert to sad and dejected.  I wonder what he said to her.  She left, face crumpled, a few minutes later.

There are the conventioneers, loud and boisterous, most of whom obviously think the world revolves around them.

Little old ladies here to lunch, businessmen here to work, a few couples obviously here for some afternoon delight, and they all have a purpose.  It's fun to imagine thier little scenarios.  There's a play in this, I feel sure.  *thinks about dramatic structure outline*

It's been a fun morning. Aidan (the laptop- that name one by a nose) has lured a few people over with his indefinable charm, and I even got asked out once, probably due to the fact that I take my wedding ring off when I type (I don't like the way it moves about on my finger).  I rectified that, and the cute boy ducked off, blushing, embarrassed.  He did leave about an hour later with another girl, I was amused to note.

I've been working on some unfinished stories, some Caliga (Poor Pansy! I can't believe what I've done to the girl), and I even dusted off my book and edited  the first chapter-again- half-heartedly.  :)  A good morning, all in all.
Tags: drama, playwrighting

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