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Last Night

Last night's rehearsal wasn't stellar.  The Artistic Driector of the theatre was there and I think he intimidates people....

...not me, of course...

But a couple of the other girls were thrown and of course there were lights and missed sound cues.  

*how do you go on when the next 20 lines of dialogue hinge on a phone call and the phone doesn't ring?*

The six women on stage look at the phone, then at each other, and are helpless.   I left out a couple of things, too.

"Ah, well, that is what rehearsals are for," she said, waxing philosophic.

I'm about to go teach my class.  Love those kiddos, I really do.  They aren't kids, actually, and I have the sneaking suspicion that two or three of them are actually smarter than me.

I know one of them is, for sure.  

I'll never tell who, of course.

Then a tech rehearsal + wigs.  FYI, I look pretty horrid with short hair.  Plus, it's really hard to shove all of my hair up into that little wig.

The price we pay....  rah rah, and all that.

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